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Rotationally Molded Plastic Products

Design & Engineering
Integrity can offer you the engineering support you need and deserve such as:

bulletCoordinating product design
bulletCoordinating new tool designs
bulletMonitor tool-building process to assure top-quality tooling, best price, and on-time deliveries
bulletStandards to make sure finished products meet all required specifications

Our in-house product development expertise sets us apart from our competitors. We can work with your firm to:

bulletConceptualize a product
bulletCreate decoration design
bulletAssure quality color-matching
bulletDesign packaging
bulletQuality control of finished products

Assisting Entrepreneurs & Inventors

The experience and common-sense approach we offer can help you bring your entrepreneurial ideas to life in the most economical way, starting with value engineering, soliciting bids on your behalf from mold makers, and providing firm manufacturing costs prior to investing too much into your idea. This will help you evaluate the return on your investment.

Labeling & Decoration
Mold-in and mold-on graphics unique textures, anti-microbial surface treatments, and in-mold painting.

Mold-in graphics are applied before the part is produced, which then becomes a permanent part of your product. By applying the decal to the mold surface, it becomes an integral part of the rotomolded component. The process is ideal for company logos, warning labels, and instructions. Mold-on graphics are applied after the part is produced, which then becomes a permanent part of your product.

Molds & Fixtures

Product Assembly
Product Enhancement
Inserts, fittings, foam filling, and multi-layer products.

Throughout the rotomolding process, inserts can be molded integrally into the part. Mold-in inserts can be screw machine parts, casting, or support bars incorporated directly into your rotational molded component.

Because the inserts become completely encapsulated in the rotationally molded part, they can be used on tanks to mount hardware while maintaining the tank’s ability to hold any type of fluid.

Assembly & Packaging
Integrity offers complete packout and assembly services. Handles, hardware, casters, and fittings can be attached, ready for your production, or packed out for drop shipping directly to your customer. We can ship direct to customer distribution centers or load into containers for overseas shipments.

Bar coding

Stocking Programs