about us

about usWelcome to the Integrity Rotational Molding, LLC web site! We appreciate your interest and hope you will find this information useful.

Integrity is a plastic manufacturing company utilizing the rotational molding process which provides our customers with extremely durable, stress free, and lightweight parts. We are a custom shop catering to over 47 customers located in the USA, Canada, and Ireland, producing more than 136 separate parts in the agricultural, automotive, waste disposal, advertising, shipping, and safety industries.

We feel that it is not too much to expect a manufacturer to produce your parts, inspect them, ship them, and correctly invoice you in a timely manner. Most companies in all industries struggle with many or all of these steps. We create value chain relationships that provide you with satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantage, and long term mutual benefit. We feel that if we execute persistently every day with excellence, you will never notice all the effort that goes into producing your parts.

We can coordinate the engineering, design, and manufacturing of new molds on your behalf, assuring that the parts can be produced from the perspective of the roto-molder. The step of the roto-molder signing off on the design is critical, and quite often bypassed which creates serious problems when production begins.

We encourage you to tour our manufacturing facility and meet our leadership to understand who we are and the business culture that drives our business.

If you should require assistance of any sort with regard to our products, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to the opportunity of providing such assistance.